Custom Work Station Crane Application Improves Productivity


A manufacturer of track for large, earth moving equipment, (Bulldozers etc…), needed to design a new work cell that would allow workers to safely flip track for the equipment during production.

The Problem

When designing this new work cell, safety of the workers was a very big concern. The 28 foot long pieces of track are rolled out on a conveyor for one side to be assembled. The 1304lb track then needs to be lifted, flipped over, and set back down on the conveyor for the underside to be assembled.

The Solution

The company decided on a Gorbel Freestanding Workstation Bridge Crane with a 25’ long, 2000lb capacity bridge, 6’ – 2000lb capacity runways, and a custom designed hoist and tooling system.  The whole organization is very happy with the results. The workers learned to use the new equipment quickly and there have been zero injuries since the installation.