Data Center Air Conditioning Manufacturer Finds Gorbel Interlock System To Be Pretty Cool


A manufacturer of network cooling systems in the Midwest was creating a new, larger air conditioning unit to be used in the cooling of data centers. The air conditioning units range in size from 2 to 8 feet in length, 2‐3 feet in width, and can weigh several hundred pounds.

The Problem

When creating the new work space, finding a safe and efficient means to lift and lower the units into the dip tank and then moved again was a primary concern. A fork lift was considered, but maneuverability inside the area would be difficult, and the varying sizes of the components would require frequent adjustments of the truck’s lifting blades.

The Solution

The solution was a ceiling mounted work station crane with two motorized 1000 pound bridges, each bridge featuring two hoists with motorized hoist trolleys and a spreader beam at the hook. Beside the system was a 1000 pound ceiling mounted monorail with an interlock system that either bridge could connect with to safely transfer the units outside of the work station crane system.