Free Standing Work Station Cranes Help Eliminate Risk in Electrical Testing Situation


For an electrical utility company, looking out for employee safety is a high priority. It’s that concern for safety that drives them to test the insulation inserts for cherry picker truck baskets to be sure that any line workers who are repairing power lines above the ground are protected from potential electrical shock. While the testing process is thorough and effective, it was creating an injury problem for employees who’s feet never leave the ground.

The Problem

After one of the operators suffered a hernia injury pulling the basket over the edge of the basin, a quick change was called for. “We take these matters very seriously,” the supervisor said. “One injury is far too many.” In searching for a lifting solution over the water basin, the company looked to improve ergonomics through the entire testing area. Ideally, they sought a solution that meant all electrical components that were often lifted manually or with a lift cart would be covered by the same lifting solution. The space was far too small for a forklift, and a basic chain fall was ruled out due to the danger of a dangling chain near the high voltage tank.

The Solution

The company selected a Gorbel 500 pound capacity work station crane to cover the entire work area. However, in order to service the entire work space, the system was installed as two perpendicular systems that shared common support columns.