Gorbel Cranes Easily Accomodate Growing Facility


Husco International is a world leader in providing products and services that optimize the performance, control and safety of mobile equipment. This particular work cell in their Wisconsin plant handles valves which are supplied to a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment. This application involves moving valves, weighing up to 225# a piece, through the various stations in a finishing cell. This cell operates 3 shifts that handle from 50 to 60 valves a day.

The Problem

Workers often were required to work on top of the work platforms as they were building them. As a Safety Authority, Bustin operates under strict quality controls and adhere to ANSI and OSHA standards for engineered safety in every step of the manufacturing process. Through education, attention and practice, they focus on providing a safe working environment for every Bustin associate.

The Solution

In order to maintain their high quality standards, Husco chose to use Work Station Cranes in the work cell. A Gorbel telescoping bridge was retrofitted into the system, enabling them to get parts out to an expanded area of the work cell.