Gorbel Dealer Experiences Benefits of Cleveland Tramrail® Firsthand


Maybury Material Handling Equipment knows a thing or two about moving things around. For over 30 years, Maybury has served the diverse material handling needs of New England as a provider of everything from conveyors and lift tables to fork trucks and Gorbel cranes. So when the company built another facility in 2004, it didn’t need to look far for the best lifting solution for its fabrication process.

The Problem

The old facility had a top-running I-beam crane, but Maybury decided to install a Cleveland Tramrail® system for its quality and versatility.

The Solution

“In the design phase, we looked at a few different systems. It came down to quality versus cost and pricing of the crane, the Cleveland Tramrail® name, and just the advantages of a patented track system,” said Jay Mercadante, Systems Designer for Maybury.

Those advantages include a hardened running track that won’t bend or peen like I-beam, and the comfort of knowing that the system could be expanded to serve future needs without concern for compatibility of components. An added benefit of the system is having a working showcase of the Tarca® system for potential customers.