Gorbel® Jib Keeps Flags Flying Over the Capitol Building


Before the Gorbel Jib Crane was installed, the people raising the flags to the roof of the capitol used a home-made crane that had been installed in 1971.

The Problem

The home-made crane was a combination of large threaded pipe with an electric hoist. The boom was operated manually using a rope. The jib was very cumbersome to use and required a lot of maneuvering. The Architects of the Capitol in charge of building maintenance were concerned with safety and capacity of the current method.

The Solution

A Motorized Free Standing I-Beam Jib replaced the old home-made system. The Gorbel® Jib Crane allows one person to safely perform the entire operation on the roof. The motorized feature prevents the awkward and time-consuming boom rotation that took place using the old system.

capitol jib