Repairs to Material Handling Systems Done with Gorbel® Work Station Cranes and Jib Cranes


Air Power Manufacturing Solutions sells and services machinery used in industrial facilities – solutions for assembling, moving, and coating products are their specialty. At one of their service shops, Gorbel® workstation cranes and jibs protect and assist workers during the repairs process.

The Problem

Many of the machines that Air Power sells and services weigh hundreds of pounds, which means providing demos and completing timely repairs can be a challenge. Demos are important for prospective customers and quality service maintains relationships with existing clients, so Air Power knew these operations needed to be excellent..

The Solution

A four-post Gorbel® workstation crane with three bridges was installed in Air Power’s service shop to serve as a demo product, but it soon became actively integrated into their repairs process. Servicemen are using this workstation crane daily to move heavy machine parts and aid with mechanical testing. Each bench at Air Power’s shop is also outfitted with a Gorbel® jib crane to safely bring damaged machines to a workable height for technicians.