Gorbel® Work Station Cranes: Matching Workflow and Increasing Productivity


Woodward manufactures valves and actuators for gas and steam turbine power plants. The new facility in Fort Collins, CO, was designed for optimal product flow and needed overhead cranes to match that flow.

The Problem

Previously, jib and overhead cranes were in use as well as gantry cranes. Operators had to wait for crane availability in order to stage their pieces, slowing production. When using the gantry, operators had to contend with extra weight of the gantry plus maneuver around people and objects to move his product.

The Solution

About 40 Ceiling Mounted Work Station Cranes were installed and since feedback from the employees has been very positive. Where there used to be three bridges installed on a system, nine were installed, allowing for a dedicated bridge to each aisle which gives an operator immediate access instead of having to stage their pieces and wait for crane availability. Now with the overhead ceiling mounted systems in place, they are out of the way and available for immediate use when needed. The Gorbel Cranes were able to match the flow of the new facility and help to increase efficiencies and productivity.