Gorbel® Work Station Crane Increased Productivity for Powder Coating/Painting Department


A Gorbel® dealer who also manufactures their own products, was moving their operations to a larger facility. This gave them the opportunity to put better processes in place for paint and powder coating.

The Problem

In the old facility paint was their biggest hold up for getting a product out the door. The products vary greatly, from batches of small flat bar washers to structural steel columns, channels and beams.  The weights can run from hundreds of pounds to a couple thousand pounds per monorail. The operator hangs the products along the bridge and transfers it into and out of each paint system booth.

The Solution

They chose a Gorbel® Freestanding Work Station Crane to maximize throughput while providing a safer and more ergonomic process for their paint department. The system also includes eight Gorbel® Interlocks. The Interlock system was an integral component of the Gorbel® solution, as they wanted the ability to go in and out of the booths as opposed to going through them. The entire new paint system including the crane has drastically improved the painting process.