Material Flow In Assembly Area A Breeze With Cantilevered Supports


A metal fabrication company was relocating and exploring workflow options for its new facility. Loading and unloading the assembly work cells had been a problem at its previous location. 

The Problem

When assembly of product was complete, it weighed over 1,000 pounds and was difficult to maneuver for pick up. Fork lifts could not enter the work cell, and overhead cranes could not bring the product out of the work space.

The Solution

In the new facility, the company installed two Gorbel work station cranes in parallel assembly areas with cantilevered supports and two 1000 pound aluminum bridges per system. Not only did the work station crane allow effortless movement of materials within the work cell throughout assembly, but by supporting the system’s runways without a header beam, it made material flow in and out of the work cell easier. The cantilevered supports enabled a 3-ton capacity overhead crane to deliver parts and pick up finished products directly from the work space without setting the load down, eliminating all manual lifting as well as most use of fork lifts.

cantilevered supports