The right tools for Snap‐On are Gorbel Work Station Cranes


Any carpenter will tell you that having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. Certainly, Snap‐On, a major American tool company, would agree…and would also encourage you to find the right place to safely store those tools.

The Problem

“We had a lot of in‐house built, I‐beam type bridge cranes and Spanmaster I‐beam jib cranes, but we were having a lot of trouble.” The heavy I‐ beam style cranes were very bulky and hard to move, and didn’t offer Snap‐On much flexibility for future changes.

The Solution

Over the course of 14 years, Snap‐On has replaced all I‐beam bridge and jib cranes with Gorbel work station cranes with lightweight aluminum bridges. By switching from I‐beam cranes to Gorbel’s enclosed track work station cranes, Snap‐On reduced the amount of force needed to move the suspended tools, which reduced worker fatigue and injury, and also increased productivity.