West Central Granite & Marble Works


Some time ago, Keith Rose at West Central Granite & Marble Works in the Tampa Bay area decided to invest in a Gorbel® Crane. Today, that decision has left him with one regret: “I wish I had purchased it a long time ago,” he said. “I didn’t realize just how many extra benefits that crane was going to provide.” Rose is the president at West Central Granite, which fabricates and installs high quality, natural stone and engineered quartz countertops

The Problem

Before installation of the crane – which roughly coincided with installation of a computer numerical control (CNC) stone center that cuts the stone and profiles its edges – maneuvering the heavy pieces through the fabrication stages was done by hand. “We’d place a large slab on a dolly, balance it as best we could, and physically move it from the saw,” Rose said. “Usually, it took four men to accomplish that. The procedure would bring the shop to a standstill.

The Solution

“With the Gorbel® Free Standing Work Station Crane, however, two people can easily handle a piece of stone, and there’s far less risk of injury. Our employees used to have more strained backs and other physical problems, and safety was a much greater concern.”