Easy Arm® Replaces Manual Lifting at Reclamation Facility


At a Michigan-based refrigerant company that specializes in reclamation, thousands of steel cylinders are processed each year. Each cylinder is weighed, recorded, and refilled. For many years, employees lifted and rotated each cylinder manually.

The Problem

With the heaviest cylinders weighing 80-pounds, it was a job few people could physically sustain. Employees were experiencing arm and shoulder pain due to the repetitive lifting. Some employees were also reaching far into cages to lift or drag cylinders out, so the potential for injuries was significant. The company’s president decided an ergonomic material handling solution could make their operation safer and more productive. Options across the industry were considered, from traditional overhead lifting systems to ultramodern exoskeletons.

The Solution

When the company’s president discovered the Easy Arm® Intelligent Lift Assist Device, the simplicity of its operation stood out – his employees would not need to undergo extensive training to use it. The Easy Arm® combines an articulating jib with a G-Force® device to create a user-friendly handling experience and natural load management. The G-Force® functions similarly to a hoist but is ergonomically designed for unweighting loads and precision placement tasks.

Four of the facility’s processing stations were outfitted with 165-pound capacity Easy Arms®. Moving cylinders became as simple as threading the system’s hook. Productivity increased, as well as workplace satisfaction. Employees are working longer hours and electing to work weekend shifts because they are not physically fatigued. The job is more accessible and appeals to many people. In the words of one employee, “Anyone can do it.”