G-Force® Powered Rigid Telescoping Vertical Column Allows Precise Positioning

The aerospace industry is filled with applications moving very valuable, complex castings and blocks of special alloys, in and out of machining centers. These applications require precision and finesse that can only be achieved by a precision lifting device. They also require some degree of reaching beyond the attachment point of the wire rope into the machine requiring a rigid column to handle that cantilevered load. The rigid column allows the lifting solution to reach into the machine. Special end tooling attached allows the part to be engaged and positioned either in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

The total solution of the G-Force®, the rigid column, and the tooling give the operator ultimate control when loading or unloading highly valuable parts from machining centers. Other similar rigid column systems powered by a traditional chain hoist or pneumatic cylinder lack the speed, precision, intelligence features and enhanced safety features the G-Force® can provide.

This particular solution takes advantage of the iQ model G-Force®. The G-Force® can automatically go into float mode and can also automatically set the proper limits based on knowing the exact part being lifted and the position relative to the machine. This ensures that the machine nor the part are damaged by accidental impact.

Key features of this system include:

• Up to 500 kg load capacity
• Lifting stroke up to 6 ft
• A slewing bearing allows rotational positioning of the rigid column
• Heavy duty bearings provide smooth movement with extended reach into the machine
• Intelligence of iQ model G-Force® automatically sets virtual limits based on specific part being lifted and position of the lifter relative to the machine