Custom Easy Arm® Helps in Packaging Process


This company already had an Easy Arm to assist operators in handling motor stators during the packaging process. When a new process required the operators to remove the same stators from shipping containers, pitch them 90º and insert them into a press, the customer only considered Gorbel.

The Problem

The insertion process required the operator to reach inside the press and set the stator vertically on a mandrel. Doing this manually wasn’t an option. They wanted an Easy Arm for the process.

The Solution

Because there was no overhead access to the press, a standard Easy Arm with cable mounted tooling wouldn’t work. A telescopic rigid mast tool was designed in conjunction with a pneumatically powered magnet end tool. The mast was adapted to an Easy Arm and maintained 360º continuous rotation at the tooling. To address the precise control requirement, a remote hub force sensing handle was used to allow the operator to effectively float the tooling throughout the entire process.