Damage & Injury Risk Eliminated with G-Force®


Atlas Copco’s gas and process division engineers turbo compressors and expansion turbines that serve a number of industries, including natural gas processing and power generation.

The Problem

In this work cell, large stainless steel cylinders that range from 5-15” in diameter and weigh from 15 to 400 pounds milled down from a bell shaped impeller blanks into the finished impeller with razor sharp edges. Moving the parts by hand posed multiple injury risks, as well as high potential for damage.

The Solution

Atlas Copco felt they would have the most control with the G-Force® after seeing a demo of the unit’s virtual limit package, float mode feature, and overall smooth movement thanks to the unit’s wire rope. An operator now secures the impeller blanks into the tooling grip that Atlas Copco designed, which locks onto the blanks’ outer rim. Once secured, the operator engages Float Mode on the G-Force® handle, and then moves the load up and down by holding the gripping tool or the load itself.
As the operator moves the load over the milling machine, the G-Force® virtual limits engage and serve two functions; reducing speed and prohibiting movement.