Easy Arm® Easily Accepted into Workplace, Eliminating Injuries & Boosting Productivity by 25%


A turbine motor overhaul center receives engines which are used in oil and gas industries, power generation and military use. When the turbines are received, they have been in use for long periods of time and are in need of repair and refurbishing. The turbines are unpacked, disassembled and each individual part is inspected for wear and damage.

The Problem

During reassembly and balance of the turbine engines, parts had been called up from a vertical storage unit, loaded manually onto a cart and brought to a work bench for assembly. A large overhead crane is in the area, but it is slow, bulky, and a shared resource for multiple neighboring work cells, and therefore delayed the work flow for those waiting on the crane.

The Solution

In implementing a Six Sigma manufacturing strategy, the company installed two free standing 150-pound capacity Easy Arms to serve the individual work bays. The Easy Arm™ fit beneath the existing overhead crane, and no special foundation was needed for their 6 inch concrete floor.