Easy Arm® Helps Exercise Equipment Manufacturer Make a Strong, Smooth Transition


A leading manufacturer of exercise equipment was in desperate need of a process improvement for its assembly and testing line. The product being assembled is a swinging stepper, which gives the user an ultra smooth aerobic workout with minimal impact. The process of assembling the steppers, however, was anything but smooth.

The Problem

The straight conveyor line for testing and assembly was creating log‐jams, especially when a motor was tested, failed, and needed to be pulled for replacement. A “buffer zone” was created to route machines out for testing, eliminating the log jam. When they re‐enter the assembly area, the motor, which weighs about 100 pounds, is installed on the back of the machine and fastened in place by pins.

The Solution

After talking about the Easy Arm® with a Gorbel distributor, a demonstration was set up at the factory. “It was genuinely surprising,” said the Manufacturing Engineer. “If you’ve never used one before, it’s hard to explain the feel.”  The company purchased a freestanding Easy Arm® with an 8’ span and 8’ height under boom, and installed it so that it could serve the testing “buffer zone” and the main assembly line.