G-Force® Impresses Physician In Annual Injury Prevention Visit


For hydraulic cylinder manufacturer Best Metal Products, a great solution is something you don’t mess around with. The company purchased a 1320 lb capacity G-Force® to handle their increasingly heavy products in the summer of 2009, and they knew the found a lifting solution that they could bank on for the future.

The Problem

Prior to the G-Force® units, workers were lifting the heavy components by hand, and injuries were piling up. “We just didn’t have a safe way to lift them,” said Malfroid. “It was all by man power, mostly using multiple people per lift. We were having back injuries, stress and strains of shoulders. Those are obviously things we want to avoid.”

The Solution

“Since we installed the first G-Force®, we’ve added an entirely new work bay for machining these heavier cylinders,” said Malfroid. “We didn’t need to shop around. We knew we liked the G- Force®, so we brought in two more.”

The new work cell is covered by a Gorbel work station crane with two 2 ton capacity aluminum bridges. Each bridge holds a 1320 lb capacity G- Force® to lift large cylinders into CNC Mazak lathes and back draft welding tables.