G‐Force® Improves Ergonomics and Productivity


Workers at this Iowa seed company spent all day unloading boxes from pallets onto a gravity conveyor for staging. Then, they would lift the boxes onto workbenches for testing and repackaging.

The Problem

Initially, a forklift would bring the pallets of product to the worker’s area where workers would then unpack and move the individual boxes to the conveyor, then the workbenches and pallets. These boxes weigh up to 70 lbs each. Lifting them manually all day was causing ergonomic issues and frequent back problems for the workers, in addition to significantly slowing down the production process.

The Solution

The workers now use a G-Force and Workstation Crane to lift and move the boxes with ease to all the areas they need them to be. The customer was very pleased with the ease of use and the fact that there are no buttons to push.