On All Cylinders: Higher Capacity G-Force® Lightens 1000 lb Loads


As business grew for hydraulic cylinder manufacturer Best Metal Products, so did the size of their product. As a producer of cylinders for use in large cranes, mining equipment and man lifts, Best Metal Products saw demand for heavier duty cylinders increase. The result was their existing products nearly doubling in size and weight.

The Problem

The company had several chain hoists throughout the facility, but wanted a lifting device that gave operators more control and maneuverability when handling the large cylinders. When Nomax Solutions brought in a G-Force® for a demonstration with the company’s work force, they found that the best solution was right in their hands.

“There was a definite ‘wow factor’ the first time we saw the G-Force®,” said Malfroid. “Everyone who touched it was amazed with the ability to float such large parts. The float mode was definitely the selling point for us. The only question from us was; how soon can we have it?”

The Solution

After the demonstration, Best Metal products Purchased a 1320 pound capacity G-Force® Q model with Float Mode and a high capacity magnet to grip parts. The GForce® was installed onto an existing Gorbel work station crane with a 2,000 pound capacity aluminum bridge.