G-Force® IQ Helps Improve Dashboard Installation


When an automobile manufacturer decided to build two different automobile models at one assembly plant in Turkey, they knew they needed to improve their processes. The cockpit installation is one of the most critical parts of the assembly process.

The Problem

There are two different cockpit designs, each with different weights. The cockpits come down the assembly line randomly and must be quickly installed in the automobiles. The workers needed to be able to switch between designs very quickly as the assembly speed required install of nearly 50 cockpits/hour.

The Solution

The company decided on a 660lb. G-Force IQ Intellegent Lifting Device from Gorbel. A custom end tooling solution was created consisting of a G-Force powered, rigid column manipulator with a linear rail for automotive cockpit loading. The workers response to the G-Force has been extremely positive and the company is satisfied with the increase in productivity.