Easy Arm Helps Reduce Operator Fatigue and Increase Productivity


A leading manufacturer of truck and van frames was having problems with productivity; due to worker fatigue and ergonomic issues. The worker pulls parts from a rack and places them between the frame rails for assembly onto the frame. Once in position the part is released and the operator runs in a fastener to secure the part. The operator has to move the lift up or down to pull parts from a stack on a dunnage rack.

The Problem

The work cell is in a raised platform. The distance of transport of the parts is about 10 ft. and the parts are lifted vertically a few feet depending on the height of the stack of parts when picked. Operators were stressed from lifting which slowed down production.

The Solution

The solution was a floor mounted 165 lb. capacity Easy Arm. The unit has a custom mast height and 12 ft. span to accommodate low overhead needs on a raised work platform. Operators are no longer worn out by lifting parts all day and the production line keeps a consistent speed from the start of the shift to the end of the shift due to reduced fatigue.