Load Control / Headroom Issues Addressed with G-Force® Float Mode and Nested Trolley


A manufacturer of electrical and electronic cable products for both industrial and home use was looking for an alternative way to handle metal rolls of cable for a new line in their factory. The metal rolls can weigh up to 600 lbs. a piece and are lifted by a strap that lines up to a machine from the center hole on the roll.

The Problem

On the current line they use a floor mounted jib crane and find it difficult to spot the rolls into the machine with the movement of the jib and chain hoist. Instead they have to spot the rolls near the machine loading area, then lift and turn the rolls in a cramped space to try and line up the mounting hole on the reel into the machine. One issue that arose in looking at the 20 ft. wide by 64 ft. long space where the new line would reside was headroom.

The Solution

With the help of the distributor, the company decided to purchase a Ceiling Mounted Work Station Crane with a dual girder aluminum bridge to support the nested trolley and G-Force 660lb. unit with Float Mode.