Multiple Rolls Handled with Ease by Gorbel Easy Arm® / Cynergy Tooling Solution


In this roll handling application for a manufacturer of diaper material, it took two to three employees to move and stack the large 100 pound rolls of diaper material. This was an unsafe method and was the cause of increased labor costs and lower productivity.

The Solution

The solution was to incorporate an Easy Arm® fitted with a rigid mast and powered pitching, expanding core probe end tooling provided by Cynergy Ergonomics. The system accommodates a 6” - 8” core diameter range and allows a single operator to handle multiple rolls at a time quickly and safely.

The Easy Arm® allows the operator to service two slitters and three pallet locations. Now, after a slitting operation, a single operator handles the large rolls, moving them from a core-horizontal orientation and stacking them onto a pallet core-vertical. The customer wanted to improve safety and ergonomics for their operators as well as improve productivity.