For Municipal Transportation Authority, It’s Not Always Easy Being “Green”


A municipal transportation authority for a major northeast city took a turn towards a healthier environment when adding to its fleet of buses. Over the past two years, the company has been replacing old buses with more fuel efficient hybrid vehicles. While the fuel costs and emissions went down, the authority discovered that their maintenance employees would regularly be climbing up to the top of the new buses.

The Problem

The first time one of the new hybrids required maintenance, the risk of falling became clear. “We had no fall protection for the guys to be climbing on top of the bus,” said the Supervisor. “We have a ladder to get us up there, but there was nothing to prevent someone from falling down.”

The Solution

The solution was installing four identical ceiling mounted Gorbel Tether Track™ anchor systems with Miller self-retracting lanyards with 20 feet of line. The Tether Track™ style chosen was a dual-trussed monorail that was 39 feet long, which fully covers the length of the buses. The dual-trussed style allows more than one worker to be on the roof of the bus, and the ability for two workers to pass each other without disconnecting the lanyards from their harnesses.

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