Keeping Employees Safe with Gorbel Tether Track™ Monorails

Industry: Recycled plastics

Product: Composite flooring

The Problem: Keeping operators safe on the top of rail cars

The Solution: A Gorbel Custom Tether Track Monorail System

Employees need to go on top of the rail cars to fill the rail cars as well as to take samples of the plastic pellets that have been extruded from post-consumer and post-industrial plastics. A fall protection system was needed to keep their employees safe. 

The Gorbel distributor was able to come up with an innovative design that followed railroad requirements.

A Gorbel Tether Track Monorail system was chosen as the best option and by notching the beams the track was able to be raised up into the girder underneath the canopy . The notched areas were then reinforced with angle iron that was bolted into place. This allowed for the proper height requirements to be met.


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