Tether Track Monorails Keep Workers Safe Over Conveyor Systems


A major auto parts distributor was concerned that their maintenance employees were regularly required to climb out onto the extensive conveyor system in order to repair equipment and to eliminate backups in the system. In several areas, the conveyors were suspended rather high off the ground, and with no adjacent flooring, the risk of falling was very clear.

The Problem

The company uses a conveyor system that runs throughout the entire facility. Maintenance employees would regularly be climbing and walking all along the conveyors in order to clear jamā€ups as well as to maintain the equipment.

The Solution

The solution was to install four plain track, straight monorail systems rated for two users in one of the buildings. Three of them were 282’ long, and one was 102’ long. These two user systems cover the straight conveyors in that building. In the second building, a 340’ straight monorail was installed to cover the straight conveyor lines feeding into multiple curved monorail sections covering the curved and spiral conveyors.

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