Tether Track™ Provides a Safe Outdoor Fall Protection Solution for JLG Industries

Industry: Manufacturing

Product: Access equipment

The Problem: Employees at risk of falling while loading flatbed trucks.

The Solution: A Gorbel Custom Free Standing Tether Track System; 5-bay monorail system(s) share the same large W-Beam headers so there’s limited interference from support columns.

JLG Industries is a leading manufacturer of access equipment. Customers from around the world use JLG Industries to allow them to reach areas normally out of reach.

New completed scissor lifts and the platforms are loaded on to flatbeds to be delivered. This operation requires the equipment be driven on to flatbeds. 

The operators then have to come down from the loaded lift and negotiate around the equipment, tires and securing apparatus.

When a company openly states “The best safety device is a safe worker” you know they take safety very seriously.  With a safe solution needed to solve their problem, one that didn't slow down their efforts to load the flatbeds, the custom Gorbel Tether Track™ System was chosen. It allows for multiple trucks as well as multiple users to work on all flatbeds from a system that straddles the loading area. Not only were management’s expectations met, but management and employees are happy with the solution.


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