Tether Track Solution for Safety Equipment Manufacturer


Bustin Industrial Products has pioneered innovative safety access equipment for over 80 years. The company fabricated a variety of products such as work platforms, step stairs, and safety handrails.

The Problem

Workers often were required to work on top of the work platforms as they were building them. As a Safety Authority, Bustin operates under strict quality controls and adhere to ANSI and OSHA standards for engineered safety in every step of the manufacturing process. Through education, attention and practice, they focus on providing a safe working environment for every Bustin associate.

The Solution

The solution was a ceiling mounted monorail system over the area where work platform building takes place. 

Workers can concentrate on getting the job done without fear for their own safety, and the company doesn’t have to worry that a simple misstep could injure a valuable employee or shut down production.

DownloadFPTT2 (002)