Unloading and Loading at a Third Party Logistics Company (3PL)


A Third Party Logistics company, (who offers supply chain solutions to various customers), was seeking to address health and safety concerns associated with manually loading and unloading floor loaded product from containers. Additionally, they were seeking to increase throughput on both their inbound and outbound docks.

Their inbound and outbound docks averaged 5-8 containers of various floor loaded product ever week. The 3PL needed to increase productivity to sustain inbound and outbound demands. Yet, workers were getting injured due to the constant and repetitive lifting, twisting, carrying and overhead reaching required to meet these demands.


The Solution

While the 3PL investigated both power and gravity roller conveyors as possible options, they realized a more comprehensive solution was required. A Restuff-it™ bi-directional portable ergonomic conveyor system was installed in the facility for a trial period. This allowed management to record necessary performance metrics. It became quite clear the Restuff-it was the solution. By using a Restuff-it, the 3PL’s hourly case rate increased and their team was reduced by 1 worker.

The Restuff-it operator platform and front pivoting conveyor allow the operator to optimally position themselves next to the box wall. As workers slide floor loaded product onto the machine’s pivoting conveyor, the combination of lifting, twisting, carrying and overhead reaching, is minimized. By optimizing the worker’s positioning to the box wall, operators experience greater handling capacity with less fatigue and muscle strain.

By optimizing a worker’s positioning to the box wall, users experience faster unload times. This translates into higher throughput. Greater throughput means more trailers can be unloaded each shift. There are more trailer turns per door, and there may be a reduction in the number of doors required.