Productivity Gains @ 3PL Operation with Destuff-it ™


A large 3PL operation which unloads and distributes houseware product for a major Canadian chain of stores needed to increase efficiency on their inbound dock. Even with several inbound doors, there was a backlog of trailers to be unloaded on a consistent basis. This issue was multiplied during four peak seasonal periods. In addition, the company’s contract required the product to be received and inventoried in the racks before payment was initiated.


The Solution

The company needed a solution robust enough to operate multiple shifts, 6 days a week. They decided to purchase two Destuff-itTM machines. After instituting some simple modifications to their inbound process and with proper training on the Destuff-it machines, the 3PL operation increased productivity substantially. Since introducing the machines, significant annual saving have been realized. In 2016 alone, the organization credits the Destuff-Destuff-it machines with saving the organization $384,000.

With the support of upper management and the willingness of workers to continuously improve their processes, this 3PL operation is now capable of unloading floor-loaded trailers filled with multi-SKU and multi-sized products with great efficiency and accuracy. Also, because workers have increased the number of container turns per door on a consistent basis, the company was able to repurpose floor space within the inbound dock area with additional racking, allowing them to inventory stock faster, and in return, receive payment faster. This utilization of floor-space has added to their overall profitability.

The organization also realized a reduction in health & safety claims by inbound dock workers. By reducing these claims, the organization again realized significant savings within their operating budget, positively impacting the bottom line.

During a recent visit to the facility, Destuff-it employees received many unsolicited testimonials from dock workers who use a machine daily. One commented “we couldn’t live without our Destuff-it”. Because of the overwhelming positive feedback received regarding the abilities & functionality of the Destuff-it, the company has installed a 3rd machine.