Unloading Food Products with Destuff-it™


A large food retailer with a national footprint was in pursuit to increase their unloading case rate in order to lower the cost of distributing goods to market. Like numerous other distribution centers (DC) across North America, their inbound docks used two-person teams to manually handle food product in boxes, bags and poly-wrapped packages onto pallets for transfer to warehouse shelves by forklift. The company had a mix of 3rd party lumpers and their own team members, depending on the location of the DC.


The Solution

The retailer had a culture of pursuing continuous improvements throughout their network. Through industry connections, the company’s supply chain management executive heard about the Destuff-it™. The management team was interested in a pilot project using the Destuff-it.

Below is the data comparison of unloading before the pilot project and during. The project revealed an ROI of less than nine months based on a new case rate in excess of 1,000 cases per hour.

  Conventional Unload Method  Unloading with the Destuff-it™
Average Number of Workers 2.7 3.7
Average Number of Man Hours 11.1 4.8
Average Number of Cases PEr Hour  677 1,540