Reconfiguring Dock Layout


Manually unloading floor loaded boxes at a national plumbing supply distribution center was becoming inefficient. Typically, the inbound dock had 3 employees tasked with unloading 53’ trailers. Two workers were assigned to palletizing product inside the trailer while a third would remove completed pallets with a forklift. On average, the process would take 5 hours to complete.

3 men x 5 hours = 15 man hours


The Solution

The distribution center (DC) integrated a Destuff-IT™ machine in combination with a dock layout reconfiguration within their inbound process. This significantly reduced the man hours that were required to unload their trailer.

4 men x 2 hours = 8 man hours

By reconfiguring the dock and using the Destuff-it, the DC realized productivity gains of 7 man hours or 46%.

With four workers tasked with unloading the trailer, one worker was positioned on the Destuff-it operator platform and controlled the unloading tempo. Because of the optimal positioning to the box wall, the worker safely unloaded the product onto the system’s articulating conveyor and continuously moved the machine further into the trailer until all the product was removed. On the dock, multiple pallets were positioned on either side of the powered roller conveyor. Two employees removed product from the conveyor and filled pallets. Once a pallet was full, it was shrinkwrapped and removed via forklift by a fourth dock worker.