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Looking for a more efficient way to load and unload trailers? Our Portable Ergonomic Conveyor Systems, the Destuff-it™ and Restuff-it™, are designed to help workers load and unload containers and trailers faster. The Destuff-it and Restuff-it help your dock personnel safely and quickly move packages up to 165 lbs. Operators experience more throughput and greater handling capacity with less fatigue and muscle strain because of optimal positioning to the box wall.

Whether handling a single SKU or dozens, the Destuff-it or Restuff-it machine helps your people get boxes to or from the dock area for sorting and palletizing in a safe, efficient manner.

Want to increase productivity and improve the health & safety of your dock workers? Look to our Warehouse Solutions product line!

People. Productivity. Profits. Gorbel Protects Them All.

Choose Gorbel’s 40+ years of experience in ergonomic lifting and material handling, backed by countless testimonials from satisfied dealers and customers, to meet your facility’s needs.

Benefits of Destuff­-it™ and Restuff-it™

The Destuff-it / Restuff-it machines are designed to aid workers who unload/load floor-stacked product from trailers and containers. They can be used on inbound and outbound docks and have a modular belt which can travel in either one direction or bi-directionally.

Reduce Costs by 50%

Because the machines optimize the worker’s position to the box wall, operators using one can produce higher throughput. Find out how this can reduce costs by 50%!

Improve Health & Safety

Destuff-it and Restuff-it machines are designed to aid workers who load and unload floor-loaded product. Increasing efficiencies while also reducing worker fatigue, muscle strain & injury.

Types of Warehouse Solutions Products
Rental Program

Rental Program

A trial period allows for the opportunity to create reasonable benchmarks and accurate ROI expectations for when a machine(s) is permanently introduced to the operation.

Making the Case for Portable Ergonomic Conveyor Solutions

Making The Case

Portable ergonomic conveyors drive the time, cost and pain out of loading and unloading tractor trailers and containers by bringing the person to the work.



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