Workstation Cranes and Monorails

What are Workstation Bridge Cranes and Monorails?

Bridge cranes cover rectangular work areas, while monoraiI systems can be used to move loads along a linear path, cover various work area shapes, or to link work areas together. Work station bridge cranes and monoraiIs can be used individually or can be readily adapted for more sophisticated applications by the addition of extra monorail tracks, curves, and transfers that can be easily configured into a total system. 

Why Gorbel's Workstation Cranes?

Gorbel® Work Station Cranes are a proven way to improve productivity, increase quality, and provide a safer work environment. Both the aluminum and steel Gorbel Workstation Crane Systems utilize enclosed track that is high in strength and low in weight.

With the ability to span up to 30 ft. and lift capacities between 150 and 4000 lbs., our line of ergonomic crane products guarantees increased productivity. Depending on your needs, Gorbel has the workstation cranes that are sure to handle any project. Have a need for some type of customized material handling solution?  Call us, we can design a solution to best fit your application.

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* Learn about the Ergonomic Advantage of Work Station Cranes by downloading a study performed by the Rochester Institute of Technology *

Types of Workstation Bridge Cranes and Monorails: