165 to 1320 lbs




25 ft/min - 200 ft/min

Coverage Area


Coverage Area

Lift/Move Across Crane


8 Sinking / 4 FET

G-Force iQ2

    Gorbel's G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Devices enable operators to lift and maneuver heavy loads efficiently and ergonomically, as if the devices were an extension of their arms. The iQ2 model offers 8 configurable IO points on the handle plus 8 dedicated Input and 4 dedicated Output points at the actuator. Here are some key features of our G-Force iQ2 model:

  • 8 Configurable inputs and outputs on the handle and 8 dedicated input and 4 output on actuator. This allows for more customization over a wide range of applications.
  • Multiple sets of virtual limits for precise control
  • Servo controlled processor system for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity, and acceleration
  • Tablet or computer based Smart Connect user interface makes configuration a breeze. Three levels of password protected access so different user types have access to configurations based on their needs.
  • Built in wireless connectivity via Wifi. This provides the ability to service and troubleshoot without the need for Ethernet or USB (though both are still provided as a standard) 
  • Our handle and user interface is available in multiple languages - English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Read through articles on the benefits of utilizing Intelligent Assist Devices:

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gforce_Joe_Large gforce_iq2_handle_rendering gforce_iq2_full_rendering gforce_iq2_rendering gforce_q2_rendering GLink_Menu_Settings GLink_Menu_Service G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device in Automotive G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device in Automotive G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device in heat treat application G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device with nested trolley to gain maximum headroom G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device 1320 lb G-force Intelligent Lifting Device

Service Menu

G-Force G-Link Service Menu

Settings Menu

G-Force G-Link Settings Menu
Both the Q2 and iQ2 units feature an updated computer based visualization interface that makes configuring your unit a breeze. This wireless Smart Connect user interface can be used on a tablet or PC to monitor or configure system settings and parameters.
Standard Features Q




Anti-recoil technology
Infinite speed control
Power loss protection
Blazing speeds up to 200 fpm
Operator present detection
Capacity overload
Float mode
Pinpoint precision
User settable load limiting
G360 collector and air swivel
OLED display
Multiple language capabilities and on-screen handle display
Seven different handle configurations
Menu setting lock out feature
User settable maintenance alerts
Fault code history log
G-Link Smart Connect IoT connectivity available
Virtual limits 3 sets Multiple sets
24 volt DC power available at handle
User configurable Inputs and Outputs on the handle
(2 Inputs 2 Outputs)

(8 points that can be configured as inputs or outputs)
User configurable Inputs and Outputs at the actuator
(8 dedicated inputs and 4 dedicated outputs)
Tablet or PC based wireless G-Link Smart Connect interface
Anti-drop functionality for tooling control
"Worker safety was number 1, and that’s been successful. We were able to move the second worker to another operation which improves our productivity. And finally, when you’re handling glass you worry about damage – and we haven’t had any."
  • Patented G360™ collector and swivel assembly prevents damage to coil and/or optional air coil  
  • Remote Mount Auxiliary I/O block mounted below the handle
  • Standard teachable virtual limits and speed reduction points
  • Standard dual virtual limits
  • Handle configurations are easily changeable in the field 
  • Standard float mode capability 
  • Standard coil cords with in-field add-on air hose 
  • Seamless operator present function by means of a photo sensor 
  • Standard Input/Output functionality makes the product suitable for more applications out of the box 
  • Ease of installation for reduced installation time & costs
  • Programmable inputs and outputs


  • Teachable virtual limits
  • Speed reduction points
  • Coil cord standard
  • Slide on Air Hose

Accessories (Add-Ons):

  • Latch hook
  • Shock absorbing end stop
  • Slide, pendant, or force sensing handle options
  • Transformer
  • Universal trolley adapter
  • Automotive (engine assembly, transmission assembly, chassis components)
  • Aerospace
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Tool & Die changeouts
  • Natural Gas & Oil Industry (valves, drilling components, etc)
  • Repetitive lifting jobs
  • Parts Assembly
  • Machining
  • Palletizing loads
  • Warehouse loading docks
  • Process Equipment Maintenance
  • Semi Conductor
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